Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Event on ICCF Started

I received the following from ICCF this morning...

Please find below the start list for the new event WS/O/120.

The TD is Marconi, Ralph P. (

The following rules apply for this event:
This is a server event.
The start date is 21 April 2007.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days is used.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
No conditionals can be entered.
Other participants can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 10 games are finished in the event.
The public can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 10 games are finished in the event.
This event is organized by Hofer, Rudolf.


1. 160980 ESP Sánchez Carmona, Gerardo (1800 Provisional)
2. 360548 NOR Stenseth, Bjørn Gunnar (1800 Provisional)
3. 490209 TUR Ciklabakkal, Metin (1800 Provisional)
4. 30119 AUS Ramsden, Jim E. (1844)
5. 480238 SLO Gantar, Jan (1800 Provisional)
6. 514360 USA Owens, Steve (1800 Provisional)
7. 514396 USA Lynn, Bret (1800 Provisional)

1 is white against 2, 4, 6
2 is white against 3, 5, 7
3 is white against 1, 4, 6
4 is white against 2, 5, 7
5 is white against 1, 3, 6
6 is white against 2, 4, 7
7 is white against 1, 3, 5

ICCF - The International Correspondence Chess Federation

Even though I had a quick win as White in a Benoni, I'm not enamored of the QG openings. I think I'll change, though I'm definitely not a 1.e4 fan either. I've played the Catalan, Reti, and English in the past. I think I'll take a day or two to decide.

As Black, I've already received two games starting 1.e4. I will NOT go with the Kalashnikov again! :D I think I'll take a couple days to decided what (other than 1...e5) openings I'd like to try now.


  1. Good luck with the ICCF event! I've been tempted, but I decided to go with another USCF event, since the Muir quads are now played over the ICCF server. (As I understand it...)

  2. I tried to register for a Muir quad on Friday for the web server as is advertised on the web page. The gentleman that answered the phone could not find a web server option, only email Muir quads... Joan DuBois was out of the office but the gentleman stated he would print out the web page (he saw the same thing I did) on her desk for clarification.


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