Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Long Manny Acta

According to reports, Manny's last act has been seen in DC. This isn't a surprise after the firing of the pitching coach and the dismal win loss record so far this year. One has to wonder if this was all Acta's fault. The team entered the year with no bull pen, four rookie pitchers, and another pitcher that continued his bust act.

And then the hitters stopped hitting...

Acta will be by replaced bench coach Jim Riggleman, as originally reported on FOX Saturday Baseball. The only question is when. It could be a matter of days.

The Nats have an off-day on Monday before starting a series at the Yankees on Tuesday. They return home on Friday to face the Blue Jays.

Riggleman has done this sort of thing before but one has to assume that his job will be weeding out the chaff and getting the team ready to make a run next year when the bull pen is re-built and the pitching has matured. And a new manager is hired.