Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About Time - Police Can't Use Tasers At Will

So says Ninth US Court of Appeals.
Police need reasons to believe a suspect is dangerous before firing a Taser and can't use their stun gun simply because the person is disobeying orders or acting erratically, a federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled Monday.
It is far past time to regard Tasers as a less lethal tool, not a less than lethal or non-lethal tool. No more giving Grandma a ride on the lightning because she wouldn't sign a speeding ticket...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


#Redskins .
Every Redskin fan just began weeping for JOY at this news:
In breaking news out of Washington Redskins VP of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato has resigned.

Whether it was of his own design or forced upon him the one thing that is certain is Redskins Fans everywhere are happy.


This is a GREAT Christmas!

[UPDATE] It gets better! Reports abound that Bruce Allen has been hired as the Redskins' Executive Vice President and General Manager.