Friday, November 19, 2010

It Ain't a Free Country

This guy is right. Our liberty is swirling the toilet and there probably isn't a thing we can do about it. It's time to find a place in the boonies and hide - providing one still has the money and other resources to do it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daniel Snyder, I Hate You

Regarding Chad Duke's rant on Monday Night's Redskins travesty... What can I say but that I completely agree? Not a single coach had their unit ready for Monday night coming off a BYE week. They had two weeks, including an extra day by virtue of playing Monday night, to get ready for a team they had already beaten in an away game. Here's how bad this game was, after all the Cowboys had gone through the previous week and this season, a Cowboy fan at work sought to console me over the loss.

A Dallas Cowboy fan.

It was that bad.

Daniel Snyder brought us to this point. I can't think of a curse bad enough for the rat *censored*. As bad as we think Jerry Jones is, at least he has three Lombardi Trophies in his time as owner. Snyder can't even field a winner two years in a row.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bumper Stickers and Political Philosophy

David Codrea (@Codrea) has an interesting post up today about "right wing" bumper stickers and what the left wing hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) wants law enforcement to do when seeing them or the conservative citizens that might display them.
Did SPLC just make it dangerous to have a ‘conservative’ bumper sticker? The Southern Poverty Law Center has produced a video, “’Sovereign Citizens’ and Law Enforcement: Understanding the Threat,” warning police that traffic stops involving “right wing” citizens could end up as deadly encounters.
I watched the video, and while the anti-right hate from SPLC peeks through once or twice, the basic information being offered to police officers is sound: Never treat a traffic stop as routine.

The truth is that there is a tiny segment of the extreme "right" that is so "out there" that they present a danger to law enforcement and citizens alike. I don't know why those of us who are law abiding citizens should deny this. In doing so we give SPLC a legitimacy they do not deserve. The criminals that killed the officers in the West Memphis incident needed to be put down, and they were.

The SPLC must jump on this as a validation of their agenda as they have very little else to do it for them. The best way to defuse this as an issue for them is the truth. The two shooters were criminals long before they shot the officers. We law abiding citizens abide by decent laws and abhor those who take their delusions to criminal levels as these two did.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hacking Cough, Chills, Stuffy Head

Wouldn't you know it? Two days into the last week of my vacation time for the year and I'm in the infirmary. This stuff sound suspiciously like what MArooned had a week or so ago.

Flu shot ads keep playing on the idiot box and the better half takes glee in telling me I should have gotten one. Two problems: I don't get along with needles and every time I have gotten a flu shot I've also had one of the worse cases of the flu ever.

To make it worse, this week was the only one I could take for vacation and my Redskins are on a bye week.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

What the Blue Dogs Meant to the Socialists

Yeah, the socialists. Self described "Socialist" Laurence O'Donnell asserts what many of us have known for a while; that so-called "moderate" or "conservative" Democrats merely serve the interests of passing socialist - progressive legislation such as Obamacare. The devastation Tuesday's election had on the Blue Dogs - with their numbers cut in half - has not only pushed the Democrat Party to the extreme Left philosophically, it has seriously damaged the prospects for their Socialist Agenda.

(Via Taxing Tennessee)

Friday, November 5, 2010

#NC02 Renee Ellmers Needs Your Help

#TeaParty Patriots, your task in this election is not complete. Renee Ellmers needs your help. Strangling Bob Etheridge is trying to become a thief as well as an attacker of young people asking questions. (If you recall, Etheridge earlier this year objected to a young man asking Etheridge if Etheridge supported Obama's policies by grabbing the young by the neck and demanding to know, "Who are you?") Renee Ellmers won the seat fair and square, but Etheridge has forced a re-count for the seat. Via PowerLine:

Renee Ellmers has prevailed by 1,600 votes against Democratic incumbent Bob "Who are you?" Etheridge in North Carolina's Second Congressional District. Etheridge has demanded a recount. Yesterday Ellmers posted an update regarding the recount.

In her update Ellmers notes that she is getting no financial help from the NRCC in connection with the recount, that she has retained 11 lawyers -- one for each of her district's 11 counties -- to represent her in the recount, and that she needs a minimum of $50,000 for legal assistance. The number sounds low to me, but there is no question that she needs help. Please consider supporting her with a contribution here.

Again, to contribute to Ellmers defense of the seat she has just won, please go HERE.

The Other McCain reports that Ellmers has gone public with the fact that the NRCC is MIA.
Months ago, I went to Washington and asked the National Republican Congressional Committee and many conservative leaders to help my campaign. Many conservative groups – like the Susan B. Anthony List, Concerned Women of America, Freedom Works, and Sarah Palin’s Sarah PAC all helped, but the NRCC declined. Later, they did support other campaigns in North Carolina – which, unfortunately, lost – but we never received their support. In fact, their spokesman told the press “that the campaign wasn’t ready for prime time” – which actually made it even harder for us to raise money. So, I am doubtful we will get support from the NRCC to help with the expense of the recount.

Again, to contribute to Ellmers defense of the seat she has just won, please go HERE.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's My Party and I'll Gloat If I Want to, Gloat If I Want to!

@Smitty_One_Each may not like the gloating, BUT I DO!

Click on the pic or go HERE to listen... Beck's Fox show may stink, but his radio show has always rocked.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inviting Targets

SayUncle says that it is good that Harry Reid won to continue as Nevada's Senator and as Majority Leader because the alternative was Majority Leader Chucky Schumer. I differ in opinion. I think Schumer would have been a bright DayGlo Orange target for gun owners and would have helped 2012 be another 2010. As it is we're stuck another six years with Harry Reid who - assuming he can keep his leadership job - will be re-examining his supposed support of gun owner rights.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Use a HOLSTER and Keep Your Booger Hook OFF the Bang Switch

Guy shoots himself and loses his carry permit because he was too stupid to use a holster...

Latham pulled the trigger while reaching into his pocket to get money to pay for a beer.

The gun was not in a holster and there was no evidence he had anything else to drink before ordering the beer.


Yeah, We Miss Him

One thing we never doubted; both of these men loved America and did what they thought was best for the nation. I miss that in a President. Knowing how to throw a baseball is a plus, too.