Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Sunset

RT @IrishTea1 I love this picture so much! RT @Beyond_I_Do: A patriotic sky this Independence Day.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Attenshun Crimnals!

The local police are in the midst of an undercover operation, and here's the proof:

Move along, nothing to see here...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Long Time No Blog... Again

Yeah, I know. I thought that the Android Blogger app would be a bit easier to use so I could blog on the go. However, even the simple things are not simple...  Plus, busy got in the way again. I'm thinking of chucking Blogger for WordPress. Most of the other cool guys have done so - some long, long ago.

And, I am a statistic now. I was forced to use Dear Leader's horrid ObamaCare to obtain something resembling health insurance. That means I helped Obama count one policy to his goal of 7 million by the end of March. Ick.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Clearing the Browser Tabs

Here are a couple links I saw today that were interesting...

"Securing Your Six: Teacher's Edition" One guy's thoughts on how to defend a class room from the spree shooter. Lot's of common sense. Too much common sense would be arming teachers, I guess.

"How a Seemingly Innocent Charge $9.84 on Your Credit Card Statement Could Be Bad News" Don't ignore that little charge on bill. The scam has been around a while, too.

"Gone Fishing on the River Chess" Bunch of chessy goodness for someone supposedly gone fishing.

As you were...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nashville Closed! Come Back later.

Yep, in Nashville we close for COLD WEATHER. Not snow, mind you... It is simply COLD. Seriously. According to @NashvilleSevereWX, there will be NO SNOW.  But we're closing the schools.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If Obama has lost USA Today...

And he just may have. Here's an item that refers to Obama's "weaponized IRS" in the nation's largest liberal newsrag. Oh, wait...  The author is Insty. Wow. They published Professor Reynolds? Maybe there's hope...
The larger point is that Obama has weaponized the entire government and they're all targeted at us.

Fifth Anniversary of Citizens United

Five years of Left Wing Heartburn and free speech later...
 via PowerLine

Don't Leave America

...if you want Second Amendment Rights. Seems that Amendment is ignored in our Nation's capitol to the extent that merely possessing an inert shotshell, a shotgun round that can NOT be fired, gets one prosecuted.
Thus, the single vaguely legitimate remaining charge for “unregistered ammunition” is the misfired shotgun shell that Mr. Witaschek has kept as a souvenir from deer hunting years earlier. The shell cannot be fired because the primer was already stricken and failed to propel it.
Of course, if you are a member of the "only ones" like David Gregory the prosecution will ignore their "law."

I guess Washington, D.C. is not in America.

A Return To Blogging? Maybe.

It has been almost two years since I last put up a post... The reasons I stopped are many and varied. The biggest two reasons have since been more or less resolved here and here. I remember three or four years back combing through thousands of posts looking for any links I may have posted to clients of RightHaven on my personal blog and having to consult an attorney before that regarding posts on a chess blog I had regarding - of all things - chess politics. Now, RightHaven is a disgraced memory and the Ninth Circuit Court has recognized, as noted attorney William A. Jacobson writes, "I Got Rights."

I even starting catching flack at my former job (I worked for the nation's largest newspaper publisher) about my blog being competition.  I left them last September so that's another reason gone.

In the meantime I've had fun keeping up with old blogging friends and new friends on Twitter and - very sporadically - on FaceBook.  I keep reading that blogging is dead as more of us lose our attention span for anything more than 140 characters.  Despite that, it seems almost everyone has a blog and even most traditional media types disseminate their wares via the blog format.

So, a return to blogging?  Maybe.  Who knows?  Perhaps I need a bigger space than Twitter allows to vent my spleen.  Then again, maybe not.  Decisiveness is my middle name.