Sunday, February 26, 2012

If You Love Me You'll Ride The Lightning.

With the idea to teach his 70-year-old wife how to use a self-defense Taser, 76-year-old Thomas accidentally deployed the weapon, striking the her in the face, according to the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office incident report.
It seems Harry thought this would be a good after Church activity.

Come to think of it, there are times... Nope, don't even think it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama Abandons Tennessee - No State Campaign HQ

While I was in the ATT store tending the broken CrackBerry, a "gentleman" came in wearing a blue polo shirt with the horrid "O" Obama emblem over the heart and "Rusty" stitched on the left. It seems he is an acquaintance of the ATT tech fellow who was trying to fix my phone. They began conversing about the 2012 Election during which the Obamite stated he is fairly high in the Tennessee Obama minion structure and that Obama will not establish a Tennessee campaign headquarters. It seems Obama's team has given up on Tennessee as a "Red State."

The Obama minion went on to state that the Tennessee Obamites are traveling to North Carolina to campaign there instead of in Tennessee as they think it will be a closer contest and a more likely Obama win.

Fair Warning to Bob Owens and Sister Toldjah... Targets headed your way.

Tech Help Blues

AT&T and BlackBerry, this time... I wasted NINE hours on the phone yesterday with a multitude of techies from both AT&T and BlackBerry trying to find out why my Torch would not access WiFi. It will log on to the WiFi, but won't use it. It will only go online via the mobile data connection.

Before I finally got to the BlackBerry techs, the AT&T techs (don't know if it was their mobile phone folks or their Uverse guys) found a way to not only wipe all data from the phone, but also corrupt the backup files on my BlackBerry desktop software.


So, this morning has been spent re-creating the environment I had made on the Torch over the past three or so months.

A special place in Hell is reserved for the Gmail folks who thought it would be a good idea to not only stop support for the Gmail app for BlackBerry, but also cleanse the entire web of the app. It occurred to me this morning that I still had the Gmail app on my BlackBerry Bold so I copied it from there to the Torch.

The upshot is that the phone is no where nearer being fixed than it was when this started yesterday, and I've lost a lot of data that WAS backed up before the "experts" got involved. Consensus is that the phone is at fault, which is what I told everyone from the start.

Where do I go to get a wasted day and half of my life back?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Problems With A Gun Shooting Wife #38

She shot last Saturday and STILL hasn't cleaned the weapon. I've hinted, used direct statements...

I've held off doing it myself, but it is KILLING me.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Could Get Tased...

If you try to break into a car and then wave a sword looking knife at the Po-Po. And if a ride on the lightning doesn't work, even Brit cops will shoot your keister. Four times.

Via SayUncle

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Self Defense Mentality (Update)

This is a re-post of an item I wrote almost two years ago. I recently re-certified for the Tennessee Armed Officer license and also went through the course with my wife who took it for the first time. I've taken all my certification classes at APPS (for both Security licenses and the Tennessee Handgun Permit) with Buford Tune and we attended APPS again this last week. Perhaps because (I think, I haven't asked) of the compressed time constraints to stay competitive with other training offered in the area, detailed examination of the below videos and specific incidents have been omitted from the class time. I'm no expert, but I considered the examination of the FOUR D's OF SELF DEFENSE GUN FIGHTS and the Dinkheller incident the most important part of the class time with Buford Tune at APPS.

I'm re-posting this because I think it is VERY important to keep in mind the lessons learned for every law abiding citizen who carries for self defense and for the defense of loved ones.

From 8 October 2010:
I often see items from various self defense gun bloggers/writers about what to shoot, how to shoot, why we need to be able to shoot, where to go to learn how to shoot... And very seldom on the mental attitude needed when one decides to provide the basics for one's self defense.

One video that Buford Tune at APPS shows every concealed carry course and every armed security officer course is of a self defense expert speaking (someone told me it was John Farnam but it didn't LOOK like Farnam)* about the mentality needed to carry a firearm for self defense and what to do when the firearm is needed versus an armed opponent.

*[EDIT: It IS a very much younger Farnam!]

The end of the video is striking: The expert describes a self-defense situation where you have just used your firearm to defeat the bad guy. The bad guy is on the ground. He slowly grasps his handgun and begins gradually raising it toward you.

What does this mean?

In a stern, authoritative voice the expert states: It means you have not shot him enough!

In the video the four D's of self defense gun fights are explained. When confronting the bad guy:
Divide his focus.
Disrupt his plan.
Disable his body.
Destroy his will to fight.

In the above scenario it is assumed you have accomplished the first three D's. However, if the bad guy is still trying to fight, the fourth is still unfulfilled. The fight is only over when all four have been checked off the list. Here is where we come back to the mentality needed to carry a firearm for self-defense. Those who choose to carry must have the will to follow through on all four D's. You must be willing to destroy the opponent who means you and your loved ones harm.

Another video shown is that of the 1998 murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller (Caution: the video is very disturbing) during a traffic stop in Georgia. Dinkheller stopped a pickup truck for failure to display legal tags. Noting a large dog in the cab of the truck, Dinkheller asked the driver (who will be nameless in this blog) to step to the back of the vehicle. The driver was immediately confrontational. When Dinkheller initially was able to get the driver to come to him, the driver attacked Dinkheller and was repulsed by use of an Asp baton.

The driver retreated and began acting irrationally, jumping around and shouting "Shoot me, Shoot me!" and declaring that he was a Viet Nam combat veteran. All the while the driver was maneuvering back to the driver's side door of his vehicle. During this Dinkheller was repeatedly ordering the driver to come back to the rear of the truck, stop what he was doing, etc...

When the driver reached the door of his truck he retrieved a .30 caliber rifle (in the video it looks like a M-1 carbine) and began loading it. Dinkheller can be heard screaming for the driver to put the rifle down. Dinkheller fired the first shot in the ensuing gun battle. The driver can be seen using cover and combat techniques to isolate and expose Dinkheller. The driver shot Dinkheller in the arms and legs to disable him - areas not covered by a vest - before finally killing him with a close up shot to the head.

The driver sustained one wound to the stomach. He was sentenced to be executed in a 2000 trial and has been appealing since. He is still scheduled to be put down.

In the after math and investigation it was revealed that Dinkheller had just prior been reprimanded by superiors for his demeanor during traffic stops. He was told to be nicer.

The video demonstrates that bad guys can and do use the Four D's just as well as we can. It is incumbent upon us to make sure we have the proper mental outlook to make sure we succeed and not the bad guys. After seeing that he could not defeat Dinkheller unarmed, the driver made the decision to escalate the encounter an armed fight and acted upon a plan to win.

The driver: Divided Dinkheller's focus and Disrupted Dinkheller's plan with erratic behavior and statements. Once armed, he Disabled Dinkheller's body and Destroyed his will to fight.

Meanwhile, evidently because of the reprimand and his youth (Dinkheller was 22), Dinkheller made plenty mistakes in the encounter that led to his death. And, no, I'm not speaking ill of this murdered officer, I'm trying to illustrate that we can learn from his mistakes. I'm sure that he would understand this. His first mistake was going out with a mind set that did not allow him to act on what was transpiring in the encounter. His mental attitude did not allow him to act aggressively enough, or to "bail out" when the situation went south.

There was a vital point after he repelled the driver with the Asp that he either had to press the attack or retreat to wait for backup. His mind set did not allow either. On one hand, he had been reprimanded for not being nicer during traffic stops so he did not disable the driver and prevent him from going to the truck. On the other, the "macho" aspect did not allow him to get in his cruiser and get the heck out and wait for backup.

As concealed carriers we do not do traffic stops, but similar scenarios and incidents can happen to us. Will we have the mental attitude necessary to defeat the threat and save our loved ones and ourselves? We must answer that question every single time we put the weapon in its holster. If not, Dinkheller's sacrifice and the lessons taught in his encounter will be in vain.

And the bad guys will win.

That can not happen.

Obama Slashing Armed Pilots Program

Obama has slashed funding in his 2013 budget for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program from $25 million to $12 million. The funds are used to conduct background checks, pilot training, periodic retraining and re certification, and administration costs.

The proposed budget also cuts the Federal Air Marshal Service by 4% to $927 million dollars.

Here's the kicker: We spend about $15 PER FLIGHT for FFDOs (armed pilots) and about $3,000 PER FLIGHT for federal Air Marshals.

Via John Lott and CNN.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tennessee Firearms Alert - Employee Safe Commute and Non-Discrimination Bills

In the Inbox from TFALAC this AM:

Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc.
Legislative Action Committee


So, one might ask, what is the status of the Employee Safe Commute (SB3002/HB3560) legislation at this point?

The bill has been delayed in the Senate. It is unclear if this was a move by the governor or those who are bowing to the pressure of "Big Business" or a benefical strategic move by the sponsor. At any event, progress in the Senate, if statements of legislators are accurate is positive. The biggest risk is that some form of amendment, probably bought by Fedex or its cohorts) could substantially remove the objectives of the original bill. To guard against that, citizens who support this bill must be called and contacting legislators to encourage and demand of them that no amendments pushed by Fedex or other Big Business dollars be accepted unless approved by firearms interests.

Senate Action Plan

  • Call and email you individual senator (use the email and phone number lookup on the Senate directory. It is important for you to get a written statement if possible that they will co-sponsor and support the bill as written and that they will oppose any Fedex or other "big business" amendments that would dilute the intent of the bill.
  • Call and email to encourage the sponsor Sen. Mike Fault to keep the bill free from Fedex or "big business" amendments
    Faulk, Mike R
    - 615 741-2061
  • Call and email to ask that the Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey work with citizens to keep the legislative effective and to defeat any Fedex or other "big business" amendment.
    Ramsey, Lt. Gov. Ron R - 615

With respect to the House, we are expecting that there will be at least 30 House co-sponsors. Many of those are Republican legislators who are probably starting to realize that the mandates of House Leadership (Beth Harwell, Debra Maggart, and Gerald McCormick) would probably cause those legislators to violate their promises to constituents, to violate their personal convictions, to violate their constitutional oaths of office or their fundamental beliefs that they were elected as conservatives to protect the rights of citizens and to minimize the influence of government in areas where government influence is nothing more than government tyranny needlessly supplanting the rights of citizens.

We do not expect, in part because of the pressure being exerted by FedEx and other "Big Business" interests on those legislators that they controll through their funds (both reported and "indirectly" applied), that the bill will move forward in the House without SUBSTANTIAL pressure and interest from individual voters. It was made clear repeatedly this week by statements to news reporters from House leadership such Debra Maggart and Gerald McCormick that House leadership is working to kill any pro-2nd Amendment legislation and that they are applying pressure in the nature of the proverbial "hounds of hell" against their own members to abide by the demands of leadership's own masters.

For example, this week Debra Maggart told Channel 4 News in response to an apparent question about the Employee Safe Commute legislation :

"We have been focused on what we know what people of Tennessee want us to work on. Our economy needs to be looked at, and we want to make sure it's a job-friendly state," said Rep. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville.

Now, you have to put this into context that Debra Maggart has "represented" to firearms owners in the past that she was soundly in support of the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and working for firearms owners. Indeed, she even has used the firearms owners to raise campaign funds through programs such as her On Target to Win in 2010"1st Annual Sporting Clay Fun Shoot fund raiser (see, ) that was heavily promoted not only to the Tennessee Firearms Association but to others as well.

So what did Maggart really mean with her statement this week to Channel 4?

Essentially, that the House Leadership have been admonished by "Big Business" that they want "their" legislators to do what they want them to do - including killing the Employee Safe Commute bill and firearms nondiscrimination bills - or the floodgates of corporate campaign money may be redirected against them or cut off. She probably meant that because "we" are addicted to the corporate money to crush the Democrats and even any prospective primary opposition, we will do what is requested of us to make sure we, individually, are able to get re-elected and to recruit more RINO's and moderates to help us implement our agendas (which do not put any emphasis on constitutional rights).

Why does it appear that these Republican House leadership (and a few in the Senate as well) are so clearly deeply obliged to "Big Business"? Well, step away and look at one of the most common themes that you hear from House Republican leadership this year - "jobs, jobs, jobs". What they mean when they say that is NOT that they are creating more government jobs (although they likely are). It is not that they are making it easier for people to start new small businesses. It means most probably that they want to do whatever is possible - forget the Constitution (look what they did last year to the 7th Amendment and their lack of any focus on the 10th Amendment) - to appease businesses like FedEx, Bridgestone, AT&T, Amazon, etc. Their idea of "jobs, jobs, jobs" is to court big business in hopes that many minimum wages will suddenly be made available to Tennesseans. Not high paying jobs. Not careers. Just simply any job will do.

A verification of that comes from the enormously misguided statement made by Gerald McCormick this week concerning Rep. Eddie Bass. Rep. Bass - a very conservative legislator - has indicated he is considering running this year as a Republican. Perhaps he senses that the Democratic party continues to move left under the leadership of Obamit. Perhaps he feels that his conservative voting record is more consistent with Reagan style leadership than it is with Obamit/Pelosi leadership. It really does not matter because the "hint" from McCormick is in what he said to the news when he REJECTED the potential that Rep. Bass might run as a Republican.

Leader McCormick made this statement to the AP this week:

Republican House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick of Chattanooga said he's heard that Bass has been mulling a party switch for the last two or three years, but said he is satisfied with potential GOP candidates considering a bid in House District 65.

"I'd rather he'd stay where he is, to tell the truth," McCormick said. "He's not doing himself any favors running that gun bill." * * * House Republicans would prefer not to take up the bill in an election year.

McCormick apparently believes that his leadership (Harwell) is of the opinion that the progress for citizens such as the Employee Safe Commute bill is not "favorable." Clearly, firearms owners are a significant voting segment and they favor this bill overwhelmingly. Who does not? Well, clearly House Leadership and that is probably because their "masters" - "Big Business" do not want it.

Also note that House Leadership, according to McCormick, "prefer not to take up the bill in an election year."

Why is the election year so significant that he would mention it? Campaign funds? News coverage? The foolish belief (after the last 15 years) that voting FOR 2nd Amendment rights would cause a legislator to lose a material number of votes rather than voting AGAINST 2nd Amendment rights causing sustained frustration and anger from voters.

House Leadership has picked its bedfellows and those bedfellows are purchasing their "favors" primarily with cash. Not the Constitution. Not Biblical principles. Not natural rights. Not common sense. Not the demands of their voting constituents. CASH - and that is one of the oldest professions known to man.

House Action Plan

  • Call and email you individual representative (use the email and phone number lookup on the House directory. It is important for you to get a written statement if possible that they will co-sponsor and support the bill as written and that they will oppose any Fedex or other "big business" amendments that would dilute the intent of the bill.
  • Call and email to encourage the sponsor Rep. Eddie Bass to keep the bill free from Fedex or "big business" amendments

    Bass, Eddie D 615 741-1864
  • Call and email to demand that Speaker Beth Harwell honor her oath of office and support the Constitution and the rights of citizens even if "Big Business" is paying her to do otherwise.

    Harwell, Speaker Beth R 615
  • Call and email Rep. Debra Maggart and demand that she honor her oath of office and support the Constitution and the rights of citizens even if "Big Business" is paying her to do otherwise.

    Maggart, Debra Young R 615
  • Call and email Rep. Gerald McCormick and demand that he honor his oath of office and support the Constitution and the rights of citizens even if "Big Business" is paying her to do otherwise.

    McCormick, Gerald R 615

Big business access

Big business and their lobbyists often have direct access to legislators through their cell phones and their personal (non-government) email addresses. If you have access to this information, please post it on the TFA Online Forum so that we can take that step to leveling the playing field of legislative access. This would be particularly true for leadership in both houses and in both caucuses.

TFA Action Center

The TFA Action Center remains up and operational. So far, more than 10,000 emails have been sent to the legislature just on the issue of the Employee Safe Commute bill.

I encourage you to use it at least once a weel. It is important that you edit both the subject and the message to reflect your personal thoughts. Edit them even if you agree with the sample message. Legislators do not want or need to see 1000 of the same message. They want to hear from constituents and individuals. They do not need long messages, angry messages or threats but they do need to hear that citizens support this legislation.

Share this link, this effort and this mission with every firearms owner, constitutionalists or friend you have. Make sure that they keep the messages going to our legislators that we want progress made on this legislation even if "Big Business" is buying influence with House Republican leadership to do otherwise.

Keep in mind that FedEx, Bridgestone, Nissan, AT&T, Amazon and others spend hundreds of thousands on their lobbyists and contribute hundreds of thousands more - if not millions (directly and, uh, "indirectly") to purchase their desires from the legislators. But, these corporations do not vote. These corporations do not speak for all of their employees. Often, its only a handful of the "upper management" that make these "policy" decisions and those decisions often do not reflect the desires of the shareholders, owners and certainly not the employees.

It can be done but it is critical that voters get involved to remind the legislators that the citizens elected them as our representatives and we do not appreciate them selling their time and efforts, once elected, to whichever "Big Business" will wine and dine them, give them money and perform all manner of indirect "perks" that provide photo opportunities in their districts.

If you would like to join or renew your membership, you can do so online at this link JOIN TFA

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Went Shootin'

Took the Wife shooting today in preparation for her Permit course this coming Friday/Saturday... Now, she's fired small bore rifles before and has dry fired the several revolvers... But this was her first time firing live rounds from a handgun.

We went in with 250 rounds... And came out with ZERO. I shot about 30-35 of them. After she started shooting I just found a chair and waited.

Think she was having fun?

I had to stop by my favorite gun shop (Nashville Sporting Arms) to re-stock on ammo. I had been there earlier in the day to buy ammo but by the time Herself was done we were fresh out.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way back for Starbucks Appreciation Day.

All in all, it was a hell of a day.

Sarah McKinley - Armed Again

Remember Sarah McKinley? She is the 18 year old mother of a newborn who lost her husband to cancer on Christmas Day and a week later had to fend off home invaders with a shotgun while waiting for 911 to get law enforcement to her house. She shot one and the second fled.

Well, local PD had to take her shotgun for evidence which left her less defended. In step the good guys...

Via SayUncle, from Arms, Farms, & Fam:
McKinley’s primary home defense gun, the shotgun, was taken for evidence. “We’ll probably have it for at least a couple of months,” the detective said.

Mr. Boch and some friends decided to make a difference and make sure Sarah McKinley has a replacement home-defense shotgun. Antonio Luna, a part-time adjunct staff instructor with Fortress Defense Consultants, made some contacts and lined up a gun. The Blanchard police chief referred Mr. Boch to a trusted, nearby gun dealer, Nathan Morrison of KAIROS Services, LLC., and offered to send a squad to give Sarah a ride to pick up the shotgun once it arrived.

Everyone at Blanchard PD, from the chief down to the front desk clerk, expressed profound and sincere appreciation for any help we or others could provide. “Anything you can do to help with be very much appreciated as that young woman is having a very difficult time right now,” the desk clerk told Mr. Boch.

Mr. Luna secured most of the money needed for a bare-bones Remington 870. A day later, at the Tuesday evening GSL meeting, Mr. Boch asked GSL members to help come up with a $100 to $150 in order to trick out the shotgun with a side-saddle, sling and to take care of any incidental costs. After Boch started a hat around with $10, a few minutes later, GSL members came through with not one, but two hats, stuffed with $487.

Sarah McKinley’s gun arrived on Martin Luther King’s birthday. It’s a tricked-out Remington 870 Express 12ga with a Hogue fore-end and 13” youth stock, a Mesa Tactical 8 round side saddle, Trijicon ghost-ring tritium sights, an Advanced Technologies mag clamp swivel mount and a Vickers Tactical Blue Force two-point sling. Also included are a few boxes of Federal Personal Defense 00 buck, which the gun loves.

Sarah McKinley picking up the donated shotgun.

The gun was test fired before shipping. Ryan Stoy, of ZX Gun in Goshen, IN told Boch, ”I test fired the gun this afternoon. It’s a good gun. I built it up myself and it’s what I would want someone I care about to have.”

We (Boch, Luna, etc.) are weighing options for either giving McKinley a check for the remaining cash, or making arrangements to (legally) get her a personal defense caliber revolver.

There is a trust account set up to help Sarah McKinley. If you missed the meeting and would like to contribute to help this girl have a better year in the Year 2012, here is the contact information.

Sarah McKinley Trust Fund
Chickasa Bank & Trust
405 485-2300
Ask for Leah.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Starbucks Appreciation Day - TUESDAY

From Sebastian:

We have an announcement from the National Gun Control Victims Action Council, an umbrella group for the usual suspects, that they are going to boycott Starbucks on Valentine’s Day 2012, which is February 14th. I am going to declare February 14th Starbucks Appreciation Day, by encouraging gun owners to head to Starbucks to buy some of their fine coffee and pastry products. Bitter and I will certainly participate. I encourage everyone to follow through to the link to the official event to take a look at what they are encouraging folks to do, and do the same, only with a pro-gun or gun-neutral message. You can e-mail Starbucks here. and tell them you appreciate them not taking a position on this issue, and following state laws, and that you appreciate their products. Don’t use the gun control organization’s form, even though you can change the message. They will likely use that to present to Starbucks corporate and spin your name on the list as a supporter of Starbucks banning guns.

I can promise you we can more than offset whatever paltry decrease in sales the anti-gun people will cause. Nontheless, our opponents have once again brought this deceased equine out for a flogging, so we have to once again show Starbucks there are a lot more of us then there are of them.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tennesseans Voted for THIS?

Why is GOP Speaker Beth Harwell (Twitter @SpeakerHarwell) stonewalling conservative legislation that expands recognition of the rights of citizens to self defense? From TFALAC:

Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc.
Legislative Action Committee

House Leadership playing "Naifeh Style" maneuvers to kill bill?

There are at least 4 bills pending this year that address the issue of allowing handgun permit holders to commute to and from work without being disarmed by employer policies which blindly prohibit the employees from leaving a firearm secured in their vehicles. These bills include SB2061/HB2021 that remains pending from 2011. New bills this year include SB3002/HB3560 (the primary TFA bill), SB2941/HB3479 and SB3451/HB3660.

All of these bills deal with the exact same issue. All of these bills in the Senate are assigned to the Judiciary where historically firearms related bills are assigned.

Now, what has happened in the House is interesting and harkens back to Jimmy Naifeh's creation of the "Constitutional Protections" subcommittee that he created specifically to kill firearms related legislation. In 2011, HB2021 was assigned to the House Judiciary Committee by the Speaker's office. That is where firearms bills are historically assigned in the House even though they usually would be further reassigned to one of 2 or 3 subcommittees of the Judiciary committee to start.

However, 2012 is a new year. It is a year in which House Republican leadership has made known to the rank and file caucus members that the leadership (Speaker Harwell and her task force of shadow operatives) do not want any firearms related legislation to surface in the House in 2012. Perhaps they blame it on the unfortunate arrest of Rep. Curry Todd on DUI and firearms possession charges last year after he successfully carried firearms legislation for many years. Perhaps they want to "lay low" on firearms legislation in an election year so that moderates and liberals might view them as "acceptable" candidates to vote for in the election. Perhaps they want to deprive election opponents of challenging whether or not these Republicans really are "good on the 2nd Amendment" as Speaker Harwell claims with increasingly less credibility to firearms owners.

Whatever the reason, a decision was made, perhaps intentionally, to depart from historical practices in the House Speaker's office. This year, all of the Employee Safe Commute bills (except for HB2021 which was already in Judiciary) have been assigned by Harwell's office to the House Committee on Consumer and Employee affairs. Everyone realizes that this committee has a long history of addressing firearms issues including this specific issue - Right! One could easily surmise that Harwell's office intentionally sent this bill to that committee thinking or hoping that it would not get the attention that the House Judiciary normally has and that she would have a much greater chance of having the bill killed or gutted in the Consumer and Employee affairs committee or subcommittee than would otherwise be the case in the House Judiciary.

Of course, this could have been a legitmate decision to place the bills elsewhere thinking that an employee affairs committee would have more expertise than the committee (Judiciary) which has dealt with firearms legislation almost exclusively since at least 1994. Perhaps the Speaker was not aware that this is primarily a firearms related bill that impacts criminal prosecutions and the removal of infringements as required by the State and Federal Constitutions. Of course, the Speaker has been serving since the 96th General Assembly which gives her approximately 23 years of experience on committee assignments and perhaps this was a stroke of genius to realize that this bill deals more with employee affairs than it does with constitutional rights.

However, that same 23 years of experience may have also impressed on the Speaker's office how her predecessors, such as Jimmy Naifeh, worked to kill bills in packed subcommittees without every having a representative floor vote where the voice of all legislators representing all citizens of the state could be heard on a topic so fundamental as the right to effective self-defense and the 2nd Amendment.

Membership in the House Employee and Consumer Affairs Committee and their profile links: