Monday, September 10, 2007

New Direction

My last entry was an announcement of a new blog some of us are beginning in an attempt to enhance the ability of American chess players to have a say and inform themselves regarding the organizations that govern Chess in America.

With that start of that blog and the accompanying forum, I've decided to change course regarding this blog. will become more of a personal blog for me to explore other topics in addition to my experiences in correspondence chess. My interests run the gamut including chess, football, politics, history, religion, SciFi, and on and on... I'll most likely move the politics related to correspondence chess to the ChessUSA blog.

I've put up a new graphics template (from FinalSense) and will be tinkering with it for a while... Most likely forever. I hope the friends who have been with me here stick with me and join us over at the ChessUSA blog as well.

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