Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Redskins: Fassel Blames YOU! Yeah, YOU!

Jim Fassel knows why Daniel Snyder didn't hire him (this time). See, last time, back in 2004, The Danny jilted JimmyPooh for The Legend, Joe Jackson Gibbs. I mean, who wouldn't? Why date Plain Jane (er, Jim) when The Belle of the Ball can be had? So, Jane Jim was left to be a wallflower failing working as the Ravens' offensive coordinator.

Four years later... The Danny promises to take JimmyPooh to the Prom. Except, the Clique decides JimmyPooh is so uncool. The Danny must be cool. The Clique forces The Danny to choose another, more popular date. At least that's what JimmyPooh and his tender fender feelings want us to believe. Dan Steinberg tells us what happened according to JimmyPooh and lists the Clique for us:

I believe Jim Fassel to be a great guy, and I think he probably got treated poorly over the past month, and I would have been fine with him as head coach, but just today the real culprits behind his non-hiring emerged. Their names? Mister Irrelevant, Unsilent Majority, Hogs Haven, and the Curly R. From Fassel's interview with the John Thompson Show this afternoon:

When I got the New York Giants job I remember telling my family that, 'You know, you cannot hold the lead in these jobs in major markets.' Because you've got bloggers, and they're saying, 'No, this isn't the right guy, and that ain't the right guy,' and you can't hold the lead, because you are going to take the hit. I mean, when you're the lead dog, you're going to take the hit. And I think the longer it went, the longer it went, the longer it went....

Man, you guys in the Clique are so mean. I bet you were texting each other and saying mean things about JimmyPooh that never made it to your blogs.


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