Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chess: My First ICCF Rating

Based on my first 16 games I have my first published ICCF rating (1941) on the 2008/1 list:

This is very in line with my ICC rating which is at 1996.

At USCF I am at 1776 after six games and CCLA used my USCF rating of 1776 as a starting point. So, I'm at Class A at ICCF and ICC while my USCF rating has me in Class B. Trouble spots I have noticed are end games (I can think of at least one "won" game I blew with a poorly played end game) and my White repertoire. I do well when playing the Catalan as white, but not so well with the Reti and the London System or even the QG. The one rock solid part of my game is my Black repertoire versus 1.e4. I LOVE the Caro Kann!

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