Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kamsky Wins Game Four!

Kamsky gambits another pawn with 26.b3!
Image captured from coverage

Gata Kamsky showed the tremendous reserve of steady wits that he had on display in the World Cup by simply outplaying Topalov today. Instead of heading for an Open Spanish, Topalov chose to play into Kamsky's strength in a Closed Ruy Lopez. On move 26 Kamsky gambitted the c pawn to activate his Bishops and loads of pressure on Topalov's game. Topa had to accept - not taking would allow an eventual Ba3 and then he would be in a bad position without even the pawn to show for it.

Topalov blundered a pawn with 30...b4 and Kamsky went on to squeeze Topa for the full point in 73 moves.

Way to go, Gata!

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