Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reaction to Redskins-Ravens

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After watching a replay of the Ravens practice game last Thursday a couple (or more) things stand out...

  • Brian Orakpo needs to be at DE full time. He has one move - which is exciting - and needs to develop into a starting DE that will vie each year for the Pro Bowl. The kid can start now. Please forget about the SAM backer experiment. Orakpo needs to be at DE. Let Wilson continue the experiment...
  • The Skins are loaded at DE. Jarmon is everything that the Skins could have hoped. Even Skolnitski made an arguement for roster consideration. It's hard for me to find a spot for Wynn with the new guys, Carter, and Daniels on the team. That's a shame. I've liked Wynn every since we got him from the Jags in a de facto trade for Marco Coleman.
  • The Skins look to be good at TE, too, even with Davis having dropsie/fumble problems. Agnone looked good late and Yoder is solid. Cooley is the perennial All Pro. Even with Eddie Williams listed at FB one of the TEs will be cut.
  • We have some good young safeties, too. Grant, Holmes, Moore, and Doughty are going to give the coaches fits at cut down time.
  • Antonio Dixon has to have a place on the final roster.
  • Justin Tryon is not all that. At least he wasn't Thursday. Pegging him with the Toast award would be too kind.
  • Neither is Anthony Montgomery. For a guy that is 6'6" and 330lbs he sure plays soft. Between Tryon and Montgomery all the first half points can be assigned...
  • Nor is Devan Clark or D'Anthony Batiste or Will Montgomery or Scott Burley. Lord help us if we have injuries. There ain't no depth on the Offensive Line.
  • The defense has several weaknesses. The Linebackers are sub-standard even with Fletcher in the middle. MacIntosh is brittle, Blades is a solid backup, Wilson is learning, Orakpo is out of place... None of them can cover. Henson, Fincher and Thomas show promise. They can't cover, either. Without Haynesworth in the middle the Skins are soft up the middle.

Of course, this was one practise exhibition. Three more to go... As it looks now we have a wealth of talent at DE, TE, and Safety. We'll cut some players there that will play on other teams. The offensive line, however... Ah, crap. Sign a veteran OT quickly, Cerrato.

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