Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nashville: Casa Fiesta Does NOT Want Your Business

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So says Nikki Goeser who asked the manager to take down his "No Guns" sign - a sign that does not comply with Tennessee law. 
So I walk in this afternoon and look him straight in the eye and say...."Well Sir, the Restaurant Carry Bill passed and is now Law so are ya' gonna take that sign up there on the wall down now?" He said NO. So I told him he has just LOST MY BUSINESS.
Mine, too. And I love Mexican food, having lived on the border in El Paso, Texas and in New Mexico for decades.  As Nikki points out, you ARE NOT SAFE at this restaurant if you are defenseless.
Gordon Travis Garrett, of Smyrna, was eating at the Casa Fiesta restaurant located at 1111 Bell Road with his girlfriend and baby when he received a message, which led him to walk outside.
Once outside, police said he was approached by a newer model white Ford Mustang and was shot in the parking lot.
Customers inside heard the gunfire and called police.
Garrett, 26, was taken to Southern Hills Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

Here's their contact info:
Casa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
(615)731-3918 1111 Bell Rd Antioch, TN 37013

If you exercise your Second Amendment rights to self protection, be sure and call them first to see of their sign is still up - and tell them why you won't be eating there if it's in place.

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  1. This gives me an idea!

    It would be cool if all across the State, dozens of individuals and couples who are permit holders but do not know each other arrange to meet up (unarmed) on a Friday and/or Saturday night at a restaurant that posts against concealed carry.

    Just as if they're a bunch of random customers, they go and wait in line to be seated.

    As the hostess begins to seat them, they ask about the sign.

    When the hostess or manager says they won't take it down, they could say something like, "I can't spend my money at a place that doesn't trust citizens, even after they've been through background checks and training".

    Then as the next couple or individual is getting ready to be led to a seat, he says something like, "Are you guys really keeping out permit holders?", then leave.

    And on and on until they're gone.

    It would cost you some time, but it may cost the restaurant some business, and it sure will make a point...

    Any takers?

    - pupista! (barking mad on the right)


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