Thursday, September 23, 2010

Went Shootin'

Speaking of the SW 642... I took it and the SW 686 to re-qualify last week. I shot better with the snubbie light weight 642 than I did with the heavier 686. I attribute that to new grips on the 686. I replaced the 15 year old set of Pachmayr grips with smaller Hogue grips. The Hogues have significant finger grooves which are well away from where my fingers set on the grips and bothered me the whole day. Interestingly, I also bought Hogues for the 642 that fit my hand perfectly.

I shot a 49/50 with the 686 and a 50/50 with the 642. Target pics below...

I wrote about my previous qualification here (Check out the the nice grouping on the Ruger target).

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