Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daniel Snyder, I Hate You

Regarding Chad Duke's rant on Monday Night's Redskins travesty... What can I say but that I completely agree? Not a single coach had their unit ready for Monday night coming off a BYE week. They had two weeks, including an extra day by virtue of playing Monday night, to get ready for a team they had already beaten in an away game. Here's how bad this game was, after all the Cowboys had gone through the previous week and this season, a Cowboy fan at work sought to console me over the loss.

A Dallas Cowboy fan.

It was that bad.

Daniel Snyder brought us to this point. I can't think of a curse bad enough for the rat *censored*. As bad as we think Jerry Jones is, at least he has three Lombardi Trophies in his time as owner. Snyder can't even field a winner two years in a row.

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