Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Return To Blogging? Maybe.

It has been almost two years since I last put up a post... The reasons I stopped are many and varied. The biggest two reasons have since been more or less resolved here and here. I remember three or four years back combing through thousands of posts looking for any links I may have posted to clients of RightHaven on my personal blog and having to consult an attorney before that regarding posts on a chess blog I had regarding - of all things - chess politics. Now, RightHaven is a disgraced memory and the Ninth Circuit Court has recognized, as noted attorney William A. Jacobson writes, "I Got Rights."

I even starting catching flack at my former job (I worked for the nation's largest newspaper publisher) about my blog being competition.  I left them last September so that's another reason gone.

In the meantime I've had fun keeping up with old blogging friends and new friends on Twitter and - very sporadically - on FaceBook.  I keep reading that blogging is dead as more of us lose our attention span for anything more than 140 characters.  Despite that, it seems almost everyone has a blog and even most traditional media types disseminate their wares via the blog format.

So, a return to blogging?  Maybe.  Who knows?  Perhaps I need a bigger space than Twitter allows to vent my spleen.  Then again, maybe not.  Decisiveness is my middle name.

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