Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Back. I Hope!

Boy, does time fly when your aren't having fun...

As I wrote in my last entry, I have been appointed to the USCF Forums Oversight Committee.

It ain't been fun.

As a result, I have had very little time to blog or do other interesting things. As the USCF Executive Board election season is winding down I'm hoping the action on the Forums will also ease up.

On the ICCF front, they have a new forum. I've looked it over a time or two but I haven't had time to do much else.

In WS/O/109 I have a plus result over Andy Barzaghi (ITA). Barzaghi found himself several pieces down on the White side of a Larsen's Attack and abandoned the game. My last two remaining games are proceeding very slowly. As White against Mrs. Kaspschak (GER) I am a piece up in a Slav Defence and as White against Marcin Deren (POL) I am playing the opening stages of a Catalan. I stand at two wins, one loss, and one draw in this event. As soon as there are ten results in the event I will post the completed games. Hopefully, I will have adequate time for some decent analysis (which is why I am playing correspondence, after all).

WS/O/120 is still too new for any results and most games are just now exiting the opening. I have played the Caro Kann in all games as Black, and even ventured a CK Gurgenidze in one. As White I have (mis)played a Reti, a QGD, and another Reti/English.

On ICC 2007Quad.03 I have a result to report. I have a win as White against QwikE in a Catalan where Black made some unfortunate moves in the opening and could not recover.

Black was ok until 11...Bb7. That move allows me to block in his Light Bishop with the eventual 13.c5. Another misfortune was 16...Kg7 when 17.Qd2 hands me Black's dark King side squares. After 18.Qh6 the game is over. Black resigns after White's 25.Ngf7.

I have two games still going with Brian-E and my game as Black versus Qwik-E that are being hotly contested. This makes my score in this Quad three wins against no losses or draws with three games to go.


  1. Welcome back. :)

    I recently started a Muir e-quad played on the ICCF server; correspondence chess over a web-server is so much more convenient that post cards or email!

  2. Web Servers are the answer for correspondence! :D

    I had plans on getting in the Muirs, especially after FM Dunne assured me they were on the server. I just haven't had time!

    Ballots go out very soon...


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