Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Update - Busy, Busy Week

I've been preoccupied with other chess activities all week and haven't been able to blog.

First up, I was appointed to the Forum Oversight Committee at the USCF Forums. I have spent about eight hours a day on those duties and getting up to speed with the other committee members. With the Executive Board election coming up in June, I think things will only get busier for the next several months. If you are a USCF member and are seeking information about the candidates, or would even wish to interact with the candidates, that is the place to be.

In ICCF WS/O/109 I finally resigned my game as Black versus Florian Potz. As I stated in an earlier blog, no more Kalashnikov in Correspondence Chess! There has been no appreciable change in the other games in this event so I stand at one win, one loss, and one draw.

In ICCF WS/O/120 several of the games are toward the end of the opening stage, but nothing of substance has changed there. ICC 2007 Quad 03 has seen little action since my two wins against Shijith. I'm confident of having the advantage in my remaining White games against both QwikE and Brian-E. As Black I am at least holding my own against both opponents.

Of note on the blog is the nice comment by FM Alex Dunne in my April 14th blog entry. FM Dunne also sent me an email regarding the Muir Quads, and yes, the Web Server at ICCF is used for play in the Muirs. As soon as possible I'll be signing up for that. Thanks again, FM Dunne!

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