Monday, July 30, 2007

If You Play USCF and/or ICCF Correspondence Chess...

It is time for action!

Read the blog entries HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Then please email your delegates, the old Executive Board members, the new Executive Board members, the Correspondence Committee Chair Harold G. Stenzel, Correspondence Director FM Alex Dunne, and anyone else you can think of that can bring pressure to bear on USCF governance to take care of the problems Franklin Campbell has written about.

Threads about the issue may be found at the ICCF Forums HERE and on the USCF Forums HERE.

Email addresses for most USCF governance may be found in the 2007 USCF Delegates' Call.

The 2007 US Open Correspondence Committee workshop will be at 2pm on Friday, August 3rd. If you will be at the Open, please attend, and please give the rest of us an update if you can on what transpires.

It is my opinion that the USCF should immediately:
- Respond to the crisis facing American representation in ICCF in co-ordination with the CCLA, should that organization be willing able to participate, and Ruth Ann Fay to make sure the USCF and America are represented at ICCF Congress this Fall by a person who will take over the responsibilities borne by Ruth Ann Fay and Max Zavanelli;
- Make most, if not all, correspondence events available for play via web server;
- Return correspondence chess to the magazine, or at least Chess Life Online, as a monthly feature or column.

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