Thursday, August 9, 2007

ICCF EB Elections

iccfFrom the ICCF web site:

The ICCF President informs the CC community that at the expiration date of 31.07.2007, the ICCF Auditor and ICCF M&SD received the following nominations for election to the Executive Board:

* President: Med Samraoui (submitted by BdF on 17.7) .
* General Secretary:
Pedro Hegoburu (submitted by LADAC on 5.7)
Josef Mrkvicka (submitted by Czech CCA on 10.7)
* Finance Director: Hans-Jürgen Isigkeit (submitted by BdF on 17.7)
* Marketing Director: Michael Blake (submitted by BFCC on 27.6)
* Services Director: Gino Figlio (sumbitted by LIPEAD on 29.6)
* World Tournaments Director: Frank Geider (submitted by AJEC on 18.7)

There are two candidates for the position of General Secretary, delegates will therefore be asked to make their choice. Each candidate will provide a personal statement and the campaign will start from 15.08.2007

Best regards,
amici sumus,
Med Samraoui
ICCF President

Only one contested position. This will be interesting to watch in light of the recent USCF election cycle and recent FIDE elections.

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