Monday, October 29, 2007

Redskins: Black Sunday: Classless Hoody, No Balls Double G

Yeah, Andre, I agree. redskinsThis was bad. The score, 52-7, doesn't reflect just how bad it was. The four turnovers don't touch the gritty truth of what happened. That the offensive players on the field did not perform as they should have doesn't matter. There will be blowouts. There will be times that the other team has an unbelievable day no matter how good you play on defense. These things happen.

Yeah, the Pats leg whipped Rogers and may have ended a pro-bowl career. Left lying on the Foxborough turf along with Carlos were the chances to shut down Brady and the Pats' offense since Smoot was inactive. rogersBehind the trio of Smoot, Rogers, and Springs there are no CBs to handle receivers like Moss, Welker, and Stallworth. Before the Pats scored a single point, Rogers career was put in jeopardy with abuse to his ACL and MCL requiring season ending surgery. Yeah, once again, hinky things were going on early in the game with the visiting team's communications in New England.

Put all the classless Belichick crap aside, all the dirty tricks and score inflation... All that doesn't matter to the Redskins and their fans. Gibbs showed Belichick the proper disdain for Belichick's lack of character and respect for the game and the opponent by leaving Hoody* groping at mid-field looking for a handshake and then dismissing the whole thing in the pressers. hoody
*I mean, really, wearing sweatshirts that look like someone rolled a homeless Boston drunk as a main participant to events involving multiple millions of dollars... For the love of Pete, you can at least have enough respect for yourself to wear something decent.

Leave all that behind. The thing that Redskins and their fans feel at the bottom of their guts, the thing that I find galling and disgusting is the way Gregg DoubleG(the extra G is for Genius) Williams refused to respond to the play on the field, the fluid nature of his personnel, the outright insults by the Pats to the Redskins manhood... Please! At what point does a team rise up and decide to go after their nemesis, namely Hoody Bill, vicariously through their antagonist on the gridiron, one #12?

Gregg "Double G for Genius" Williams completely failed his defensive players, the other players on the team, the coaching staff, Head Coach Joe Gibbs, Danny Snyder, all Redskin fans everywhere, and anyone connected with the NFL not part of the Patriots* by not going after the QB for the entire second half on Sunday. Hoody Bill has been giving the entire NFL the Martian Salute (known in some circles as "The Birdie") by running up the score for weeks. Assistant Head Coach for Defense G for Genius knew this coming in, knew it in the game, and sat on his thumbs (or that Martian Salute) the entire game.

*The Krafts, sitting in their booth, looked fairly embarrassed by what Hoody was doing.

Any self respecting defensive coordinator would have begun sending the blitzers after #12 (Models are for Procreation) Brady. Hey, Hoody, want to run up the score? Here's a vicarious concussion just for you... And it isn't as if GG didn't have the type of player capable of not only blitzing, but of sending that model monger's mental faculties into the next century. Taylor and Landry have credentials in that regard that are unsurpassed. Ask that Alabama QB that is still looking for his facemask about LaRon (That truck now wears #30, John Parker). Ask Terrell Owens about what the Meast will do to you in his domain. Gregg Williams betrayed Redskin fans and NFL fans everywhere by enabling Hoody Bill his upthrust finger without retribution.

Hey, Double G, how about growing Double Balls, ok?

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