Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Redskins: Add Anthony to the Mix

MixAwesome addition. The Skins FINALLY went out and got a true possession/red zone WR. I saw this guy at Auburn and in high school at Baldwin County. Mix knows how to shield the defender away from the ball when covered, and corner backs have almost zero chance of jamming him at the line. Mix makes very good adjustments to the ball and anything thrown within reach has a great chance to be caught. At Auburn Mix ran very good routes with crisp breaks and good posture. Mix doesn't catch the ball with his body, he knows how to catch and squeeze it in with his hands. Mix also has a mean streak and will look to pound on defenders, especially when they try to knock him off routes or get physical. He is also an accomplished blocker at WR both in run support and down filed for other WRs. Mix is the type of player that intimidates defenders, and that is rare. Sort of like having a linebacker be productive on the offensive unit.

(Disclaimer: I tend to have a blind spot for faults in players that line up with the intent to destroy the opponent physically, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Keep your JoeyT. I'm a Riggo, Jacoby, Grimm type of fan.)

Some draft sites had Mix listed at 6'5" but when I saw him at Auburn I thought he was stretching to make 6'4". Still, Mix is very strong and at 235 has the tools to play TE or H-back if Gibbs goes back to that.

Mix has some negatives. He didn't work well during the week in college and that translated to reduced playing time under Tuberville. I don't know if this continued with the Giants.

If Gibbs and crew can motivate him, this guy can put up BIG numbers. Obviously, Campbell knows him and chemistry shouldn't be hard to achieve. Oh, yeah. At Auburn Mix was clocked at 4.49 in the 40. He can run. 6'4" and 230 lbs and he runs a sub 4.5 40.

And he likes to pound on DBs.

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