Friday, September 12, 2008

Remembering from
I had intended to post something about the events of seven years ago yesterday. I experienced technical problems.

I couldn't find the words.

I have before, but for whatever reason, not yesterday. My thoughts wandered from
"Next time you run into an anti-war protester, just repeat these words:
'They dug them up with their hands, and raced the sun.'"

- Rich Galen,, 4/7/03
the impromptu, yet masterful, speech of President Bush amid the rubble of the Twin Towers, to the heroism on that day and in the years following, particularly those of the Special Ops team that rescued PFC Lynch and her fallen comrades of whom Major General Victor Renuart said, "While the rescue was ongoing, other team members were led to a burial site containing bodies they thought might be American. They did not have shovels in order to dig those graves up, so they dug them up with their hands. They wanted to do that very rapidly so that they could race the sun and be off the site before the sun came up -- a great testament to the will and desire of coalition forces to bring their own home."

In his remarks at the dedication of the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon yesterday, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said:
We have been "acquainted with the night." We have taken its measure. In the darkest of times, we have stood together. In defiance, our nation has pressed on toward morning. With resolve renewed, and with the certain strength of the American people, our nation will force the dawn.

Friends of freedom and Liberty take comfort and find hope in those words; tyrants and terrorists should heed them and tremble.

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