Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Feel the Bolts Pain

The Turner effect is crashing upon the beaches of San Diego... And it's a story Redskin fans find far too familiar.

From SportingNews:

Within minutes of the latest loss, 17-10 to the Miami Dolphins and their college offense, the Internet and airwaves were as hot as a Santa Ana wind blowing out of the desert. Fans are venting on talk radio, in letters to newspapers and postings on the Web.

The favorite target is Norv Turner. He's the second-year coach who looked distraught after the Chargers were outplayed by a team that won only one game last year and uses an offensive scheme borrowed from college playbooks.

Redskin fans remember that look...

And now Charger fans can realize their own appreciation of it.

Oh, yeah... Been there, done that. Maybe AJ Smith can get some good tips from Daniel Snyder on Vanilla Ice Cream.

Fans are tossing around words such as "overrated" and "underachievers."

You have all that expensive talent and struggle to win games... And actually LOSE to last year's worst team. Oh, yeah... Been there, done that.

"You can't say anything. We had all those questions a year ago. We've got to do our job. As I said after the game Sunday, I said it again Monday: We've got to coach better and we've got to play better. We've got to go out and put a complete game together. We've played sections of games where we've played good on offense and struggled on defense or struggled on defense and struggled on offense."

Bolts fans, welcome to Norvisms. Enjoy the ride...

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