Monday, October 6, 2008

Redskins Pluck Eagles

Two road games against two division rivals...

Two wins.

Portis over powered what had been a top ten rushing defense for 145 yards and a TD to whollop the Eagles -- in their house -- 23-17. It was not that close...

Hail To The Redskins!

After the game Philly's QB Donovan McNabb was complaining that the "best" team didn't win.
I was embarrassed these last two weeks. I mean to two teams we shouldn't have lost to. When you make mistakes and you don't capitalize on opportunities things like this happen. There is no way that you can look at this game and say that, and not taking anything anyway from them, but there is no way that this team is better than us. The same went for last week and then you find yourself here wondering why.
You wonder why? You think you have the better team? The Skins beat Dallas in Dallas. You lost to Dallas in Dallas. The Skins just stomped you in YOUR house. The Skins have won four straight, You have lost two straight.

McNabb has a funny idea of what constitutes a better team...

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