Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pearson and the Caro-Kann

I'm stunned at the realization that one of the bloggers I follow had written an item on the Caro Kann and I had not mentioned it. Robert Pearson writes back on March 8 of this year, "After a brief period it occurred to me (I'm sure this is hardly an original insight) that the Caro-Kann is just an improved Center-Counter! WOW! I don't know why I never noticed it as a dedicated Center-Counter practitioner, but after 1. e4 c6 Black can play d5 on move two against anything, and maintain his full and fair share of the center."

Hey, maybe the Center-Counter is just an inferior version of the Caro-Kann...

I was reminded of his item by his latest entry about ChessVine.

Anyway, about playing 2...d5 no matter what White does on the 2nd move, that is true. Or you could play 2...g6 and make White's brain dissolve. Look, the Caro-Kann is a weapon and I'm happy to continue in the minority that realize the defense's potential. Welcome aboard, Robert!

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  1. Funny he should write that, as the Center-Counter has been my preferred defense to 1. e4 for years, now. (Though lately I've been experimenting with returning to the French.)


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