Friday, April 10, 2009

When Seconds Matter, Sometimes a 911 Operator Doesn't Give a Sh*t

...As this YouTube video demonstrates.
This was an operator in my town of Nashville. Lady, get yourself to a gun shop and an instructor ASAP. NewsChannel5 covered the story last year... Sheila, faced with an ex-boyfriend that had broken into her house and was threatening her with a knife, called 911.
When seconds matter, help from 911 is minutes away... You are the first responder!

The police didn't come.

Sheila called back, several times, and was told that the police were "en route." "I got one call that said they were en route to you and a more important call came up so they diverted to that call," Sheila remembered. Then, NewsChannel5 discovered that the officer eventually dispatched was diverted by a traffic stop.

That's right. A woman is being threatened - in her home - and the officer dispatched to help her is diverted to a traffic stop. Come to think of it, Nashvillians familiar with Police Chief Ron Serpas won't be that surprised. Many of us have observed Serpas' zeal regarding traffic control...

And at the end, when Metro PD showed up three hours after the first call, the operator says he doesn't give a shit.

"You know, right now I'm scared as hell because if anything happened to me now, I can't even depend upon them. Who do I... who do I... what do I do?"

Get a gun, Sheila. Find an instructor to teach you how to carry and use it. And when the bastard shows up next time, do the rest of us a favor and put us out of his misery. That may sound calloused, but...

Sheila: "Nobody's coming out here?"
911: "Yes, ma'am. As soon as the sergeant gets an officer available, he's gonna send somebody out there."
Sheila: "What, do y'all want him to kill me - so you can put yellow tape around me and say we got there just for the death? Is that it? I don't understand."

We want the yellow tape to be for him, not you.

Other 911 travesties in the Cracked story are the Memphis 911 operator that fell asleep during a call from a woman who heard someone tapping on her window, or hanging up on the woman caller who is actually being beaten during the call (YouTube HERE) with her scared children around her and in danger... "Call me back when you can talk to me." Yeah, as soon as she is done getting the crap kicked out of her and her kids kidnapped, she'll call you right back - if she and her kids aren't dead.

Women should be armed and knowledgeable about how to use the weapon(s). 911 is NOT reliable. Shoot the thug and let the police pick up the trash and write the report. You're doing us all a favor - and we'll all be grateful.

Hat Tip Via Arms and the Law. Graphics from

Stop! I Have a Restraining Order!

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  1. I'll call 911 too, as soon as I have the scene secured and my family safe..

    I am as Pro Police as anyone can be, our entire family is or was police officers, Sheriffs Deputies or Federal officers in one capacity or another.

    I know, when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away, if you're lucky...

    My XD-45 is never out of reach... And my .357 is always pretty handy too, 911 can come pick up the remains of the goblin...


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