Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Susan Polgar: For or Against the USCF?

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She just keeps doing it, slamming the very organization she has a fiduciary responsibility to help. Not only is Susan Polgar suing the USCF for $25 million - and it is something this side of humorous that she has yet to detail exactly what the USCF is alleged to have done some nine plus months after the suit was filed - she is actively seeking to harm the USCF via her blog as evidenced by her last two entries (here and here). One has to wonder how far Polgar will go in destroying the good name she once had within the USCF and American chess.

It is sad, really.

I stopped blogging about chess politics in large part because of the dirty politics Susan Polgar seems to drag with her.

Polgar isn't the only one. Along with the USCF and current officers, other persons with whom Polgar has disputes were also sued. The USCF, in its wisdom, has taken on the costs of their defense under seperate counsel. Wick Dear has a blog where he has detailed the suits and the personages involved, including one of the non-USCF defendants here. It their zeal to counter the Polgar suit, these defendants are now sending letters - and if the bluster can be believed, subpeonas - to USCF delegates and others that they think have contact and/or correspondence with Susan Polgar. The circumstances of their latest intimidation tactics may be veiwed by USCF members on the Issues Forum here.

All of these people detract from the goal of the USCF which is to promote chess in America. To date they have caused the expediture of several hundred thousand dollars of USCF members' dues on attorneys with much more to be burnt. When will the USCF realise that they must purge those who repeatedly cause trouble in the organization? I hope it is not much longer.

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  1. Steve, how did I miss this blog after you left of on USCF politics? Anyway, thanks for the post and link, and I enjoyed my visit and will be back!

    Robert Pearson


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