Monday, May 18, 2009

USA Correspondence Chess Team Clinches GOLD in Pan American Team 9

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USA Clinches First in Pan American Team 9

After more than two years since play began, with only four games still to be completed, Pan American Team 9 silver and bronze are still up for grabs, but the USA team has clinched first in a field of 16 teams to get the gold, either outright or by tiebreak. Here is how it stands:
USA 40.5
Peru (Rojo) 39.5 one game remaining with Brazil (Verde); USA wins the tiebreaker with more team match wins
Brazil (Amar) 39.5
Chile 39 one game remaining with Canada

The other two open games are Mex-Gua and Arg (Cel)-Nic.
Team members are:
  • SIM Ted Brandhorst
  • SIM Michael Millstone
  • SIM Michael Proof
  • IM Corky Schakel

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