Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taser: Avoid Chest

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(graphic as seen on Taser, International's web page)

Taser International is now advising law enforcement to NOT target the chest area.
From CTV Calgary:
"The rationale from Taser in their training bulletin is that the new medical research that is coming out is showing that the closer probe to heart distances have a likelihood, or a possibility, that they may affect the rhythm of the heart," says SSgt. Butler.
No sh!t, Sherlock. Anyone that has seen a defibrillator has understood that from the start. Want to talk to me about excited delirium, now? All these people that have died after being hit multiple times in the upper torso (and elsewhere) and just now we have this "advisory" from Taser's makers...

Taser International Blinks
Truth Not Tasers

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