Friday, October 16, 2009

This Hurts

#Redskins .
The Redskins have been under Snyder’s thumb for a decade now, and to celebrate this anniversary in fitting fashion, they snapped the Detroit Lions’ losing streak, just hired an offensive consultant who was spending his days playing bingo, apparently overpaid for another free agent or two and certainly over-reached for a head coach. Once again, Snyder’s grand plans are fluttering about, like a Billy Kilmer pass, taking legions of hopes along for what promises to be another ridiculous ride.
Painful, but it has no real sting.

Until the writer ends with this:
Owners never sell unless they lose money or interest, and Snyder has plenty of that. He is owner for life, and chew on this, Redskins fans: He’s not even 44.
He's not even 44!

We are doomed.

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  1. It's up to us to force him to sell. That means no more buying food and drinks at the game. No more paying for parking if you don't have to. No more buying merchandise. And a publicity campaign to get his sponsors, FedEx, Diageo, BoA, Geico, Virginia Lottery, Canon, StubHub, Home Depot, and Papa John's to cut ties with him and/or not renew their contracts.


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