Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Could Get Tased...

#Taser #Police .
...If you are blind and afraid in Dayton, Ohio. The story goes that the police showed up at this lady's home to serve/arrest her son. The problem is that she is 1) BLIND and 2) has been robbed before by thugs claiming to be the police.

The police claim that they didn't know the woman was blind when they tackled and tasered her.

Hello? One of the first things law enforcement agencies - by accepted procedure - are supposed to do is identify what persons are expected to be at a residence/address before trying to serve/arrest and individual. Come one, guys, this is basic police procedure. You should have known who the resident of record is and just a smidgen of investigative preparation would have avoided this situation. And if you aren't aware that thugs are committing home invasions using the "Police, Open Up" tactic you shouldn't be police officers.

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