Sunday, April 4, 2010

Has It Been A Year, Already?

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WizardPC points out that it has been a year since Ben Goeser was gunned down at a local Nashville sports bar and links a video tribute on YouTube.

When we posted on this story a year ago Nikki Goeser wrote to us of the horror of seeing her husband killed in front of her: "If I could have been allowed to carry my gun (because I do have a permit) perhaps I could have saved him. People that have gone through proper training, background checks, registered their weapon and have the permit should be allowed to carry a concealed gun for their own protection as long as they are not drinking alcohol. Just remember....when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Bad guys don't care about Laws. Let good citizens have the ability to protect themselves and their families. I never want anyone I love to be a sitting target again. Never again. Please, help wake these lawmakers up. I need your help. If there is anything you can do for me....please do this. Do this for Ben." has been established to "assist families finding themselves in a similar situation. Nikki began the fund knowing that Ben would want her to help others. The pain one goes through when a loved one is taken so suddenly, so violently is immeasurable! The ABSOLUTE last thing they should have to worry about is how they will survive financially. Ben was always bringing people together, making everyone feel as though they were family. We can all come together and make a huge difference in the lives of families coping with such extreme loss. This fund is a Big Ole' "Ben Bear Hug" from above. Through his fund and your help he will always be here to do his usual...lend his helping hands."

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