Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The #Redskins Tackle Dilemma

One of the things that has perplexed Redskin fans all off season has been the Offensive Tackle situation, that is, the lack of viable starting Tackles on the roster.  Common wisdom is that one of the Tackle spots will be solved by the #4 pick and that the other will be a free agent veteran.  All things being equal that would be the case.

It isn't.

One would think that the Offensive Tackle question would be addressed by mass signings as has the Defensive Line question.  The Skins have signed and acquired through trade an entire defensive front even without Albert Haynesworth and therein lies some clues as to the strategy in Ashburn.  One mammoth clue: Haynesworth.  They want to move him.  There has evolved a quiet bidding war of sorts between his former team and his former coach.  The Lions are interested in Haynesworth in addition to the Titans.

That all sounds nice but the Lions' interest presents a speed bump on the road to assembling a line to protect new QB Donovan McNabb.  The Lions, if they acquire Haynesworth, will take an Offensive Tackle instead of Defensive Tackles McCoy or Suh.  The Lions pick ahead of the Skins at #2 and want Okung to protect second year QB Stafford.  And Tampa has also been looking at adding one of the top Left Tackle prospects at #3 instead of one of the two big name Defensive Tackles. 

That would leave the Skins either going elsewhere with the #4 pick or reaching for an offensive tackle.  And that leaves the Redskin strategy to form an offensive line in tatters...  The Skins are left walking a fine line between getting value for the disaffected Haynesworth and making sure they get the player they want with this year's #4 draft pick.

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