Sunday, March 22, 2009

Breaking 2000 at ICCF

The latest rating list from ICCF has me rated 2020 after 30 games. As I am competing in the Higher Class now I expect that to drop back under 2000. I'm not doing well at all in WS/H/171. I'm holding my own in half of the games but I fear I may be coming up short in the others.

All games are past the 20 move mark and are in the middle game.

In my games as Black, I think I have a small advantage against a Veresov (1.Nc3). I played 1...c5 in the other two of my Black games. One is a Scheveningen where I am at least equal. The other is a Wing Gambit that is nip and tuck and could go in any direction. I have been able to liquidate some of the forces while hanging on to the extra pawn, but White still has potent chances in the middle and Queenside.

As White I played the Reti in two games and a King's Indian Attack in another. The KIA and one Reti are fairly well drawn. One Reti is very imbalanced with gobs of chances on both sides.

So, two out of the six games are very exciting!

[UPDATE] It seems I can not even count to three... Instead of two games, that should be THREE games that fall into the exciting category. The Veresov, the Sicilian Wing Gambit, and the one Reti are all three riveting in their own way. Fifty percent exhilaration in Correspondence Chess is nothing to sneeze at! I'll count it a moral victory to score half a point in any of them...

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