Monday, March 2, 2009

Does it add up to Lexington Green?

Ammo shortage plus arms shortage plus Tea parties may equal Lexington Green says Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee.

But an increasing number of people are openly expressing that the reason they are stocking up on ammunition is that they fear the actions of our federal government. These are people who have never been radicals, most could generally care less about politics, and many have never even dreamed of owning guns until now.

And while it will no doubt come as a surprise to those who would like to perpetrate the stereotype of gun owners as rural and uneducated—the kind that bitterly cling to their guns and Bibles as someone once scornfully said—anecdotal evidence suggests many new gun owners are minorities, and all social classes are purchasing firearms and ammunition.

While we seem to have a tea party movement growing nationwide as people voice their dissatisfaction with our power-mad, spending-crazed government by calling on the symbolism of the acts of Patriots in Boston Harbor more than two hundred years ago, I suspect those protests are hiding a deeper resentment and fears about the competency and goals of our federal leaders.

If our government continues to make citizens feel abused, and makes an over-aggressive miscalculation in asserting their power—certainly possible with our fumbling Attorney General who was part of the Clintonian Justice Dept management nightmare under Reno—tea parties will be the least of their worries.

They should be more concerned they are convincing many Americans to prepare for Lexington Green.

Stock up and get survivalist, folks...
[UPDATE] 2 March 2009 1730 The shortages are real, folks. The Pax Wife and I went out this afternoon looking for a few things to celebrate our upcoming 10th anniversary. One was a Remington 700 in .308. Uh, nope. There isn't one on this side of the town.
We did find a couple Ruger 10/22 Carbines. They have a new home. The guy at the gun shop had just put them out.

It wasn't just rifles. Handgun cases show plenty of empty spots where they were filled to over flowing previously. There seem to be plenty shot guns, but I seem to remember a lot more of those in racks than now.
Ammo? I saw two boxes of .308 in all the places we visited. Most of the shelves in most shops are half or less full. A year ago they would have been almost full. When I asked about getting a thousand or so rounds from the sales guy for the 10/22's he actually laughed.
I think the Pax Wife is a bit disappointed with the 10/22 as a gift. She said something about wishing it was a SKS...
Luckily I have plenty 10/22 accessories and ammo. Project Appleseed, here we come!


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