Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Correspondence Chess Update

My last game finished on my birthday last August with a win. That win tied me for first in the event (WS/H/227) and qualified me to move up another class (ICCF Master Class). I haven't registered for any new events as I've been exhausted with by life/work/chess/etc... I needed a break. I typically spend between 10-20 hours per turn per major line researching databases for similar positions and exploring lines for traps once we approach the middle game.

The last couple of years I've also been turning in loads of overtime at the J-O-B because of our downsized staff yet upsized workload. The other day I was told that the J-O-B overlords had decided that paying OT was more loathsome than paying part-time minions.

Heh. We'll see if the part time unskilled types can put in the quality effort that this skilled and tested full time seven year slave has given. Plus, the other J-O-B seeking continues and looks promising. But, I digress...

Another thing became apparent as I played the Higher class events: My repertoire needs an update. These guys in Higher have mine down cold (plus, I suspect a high percentage do like me and research the oppo opening rep). The Master class would have it frozen. I've been looking at a amalgamated type Sicilian based on the Taimanov to go along with my favored Caro Kann. But, that's not where the problem lies. My Black response to 1.d4 and my White choices need a boost. I'm leaning a few directions on both but I'm not decided. Until I am decided I won't be moving up in class or starting new events. With White I'm almost sold on using a combination of QG and Catalan/Reti. My choice(s) Black against 1.d4 is still very up in the air.

I'm up to 2107 in the latest ratings list. I get the impression that is waaaay inflated (see chart at the left). In addition to the tie for 1st in WS/H/227, in WS/H/195 and WS/H/187 I finished in a tie for 2nd, and in WS/H/171 I finished 4th. Incremental progress, at least.


  1. Congratulations on the progress.My last section is coming to a close, and I think I'll finish 3-3 or 3.5-2.5. One guys is rated 200+ above me and is just outplaying me, while in the other game it's becoming clear I need to work on endgames. Just started a new section and I'm facing my first Modern Defense. It's.. odd. :)

    As for your openings, knowing your predilection for the hypermodern, I'd think your gut feeling for a QGD/Catalan is on the mark. As I recall,don't you play a Gurgenidze C-K?

  2. I sure do ( :D

    I'm playing around with some of Wojo's Catalan games. I'm not sure his style is what I want, though. I've browsed through Davies' _Playing the Catalan_ but need to go through it deeper. I'll break out the Reti at times but I think most games will be the QG/Catalan.

    I'll probably settle on a Gruenfeld system and the KID for Black.


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