Monday, October 11, 2010

Gun Free Zones Kill Innocent People, Even in Restaurants

Cases like this are well documented. From Suzanna Hupp's ordeal at a Luby's in Texas to Nikki Goesser losing her husband to a stalker at a Nashville bar, tales of disarmed citizens being killed in gun free zones when they could have easily defended themselves litter the landscape of the hoplophobes' zeal to abolish our natural right to self defense. Via SayUncle comes another tale of disarmed citizens in a restaurant being terrorized and murdered while the means of their defense had been removed by the state.

The story ends, like every other mass shooting ends, because of the bullet of an armed person. You see, “active shooters” as they are called today, stop killing either when they get shot by someone else, or, seeing themselves trapped by armed people, turn the gun on themselves. Jeff vividly recalled for me sitting on the floor with his back to the gunman, dead friend on one knee and pregnant friend on the other knee, seeing the cop charging in shooting over Jeff’s head. From start to finish the ordeal lasted 20 minutes.

When I asked Jeff last year what he would have done if he had a gun he said “I’d have drilled that bastard like a he was a two-by-four. “ Instead, disarmed by US Army policy, and by the North Carolina’s lack of Concealed Carry licenses, he spent the longest 20 minutes of his life clearing his friend’s airway and trying not to look at her boyfriend, dead on his other knee. The hospital helpfully sterilized his pants for him and offered to give them back, complete with bloodstains.

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