Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Went Shootin'

Took the Wife shooting today in preparation for her Permit course this coming Friday/Saturday... Now, she's fired small bore rifles before and has dry fired the several revolvers... But this was her first time firing live rounds from a handgun.

We went in with 250 rounds... And came out with ZERO. I shot about 30-35 of them. After she started shooting I just found a chair and waited.

Think she was having fun?

I had to stop by my favorite gun shop (Nashville Sporting Arms) to re-stock on ammo. I had been there earlier in the day to buy ammo but by the time Herself was done we were fresh out.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way back for Starbucks Appreciation Day.

All in all, it was a hell of a day.

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