Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama Abandons Tennessee - No State Campaign HQ

While I was in the ATT store tending the broken CrackBerry, a "gentleman" came in wearing a blue polo shirt with the horrid "O" Obama emblem over the heart and "Rusty" stitched on the left. It seems he is an acquaintance of the ATT tech fellow who was trying to fix my phone. They began conversing about the 2012 Election during which the Obamite stated he is fairly high in the Tennessee Obama minion structure and that Obama will not establish a Tennessee campaign headquarters. It seems Obama's team has given up on Tennessee as a "Red State."

The Obama minion went on to state that the Tennessee Obamites are traveling to North Carolina to campaign there instead of in Tennessee as they think it will be a closer contest and a more likely Obama win.

Fair Warning to Bob Owens and Sister Toldjah... Targets headed your way.

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