Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tech Help Blues

AT&T and BlackBerry, this time... I wasted NINE hours on the phone yesterday with a multitude of techies from both AT&T and BlackBerry trying to find out why my Torch would not access WiFi. It will log on to the WiFi, but won't use it. It will only go online via the mobile data connection.

Before I finally got to the BlackBerry techs, the AT&T techs (don't know if it was their mobile phone folks or their Uverse guys) found a way to not only wipe all data from the phone, but also corrupt the backup files on my BlackBerry desktop software.


So, this morning has been spent re-creating the environment I had made on the Torch over the past three or so months.

A special place in Hell is reserved for the Gmail folks who thought it would be a good idea to not only stop support for the Gmail app for BlackBerry, but also cleanse the entire web of the app. It occurred to me this morning that I still had the Gmail app on my BlackBerry Bold so I copied it from there to the Torch.

The upshot is that the phone is no where nearer being fixed than it was when this started yesterday, and I've lost a lot of data that WAS backed up before the "experts" got involved. Consensus is that the phone is at fault, which is what I told everyone from the start.

Where do I go to get a wasted day and half of my life back?

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