Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ICCF Rating UP a Few Points

...On the new list. I was at 2020 on the last list and have gained 7 points to 2027. Expect a drop after the last couple events get scored, though. I'm getting my butt kicked. My White repertoire has stunk. If I wasn't WORKING every day of the week I'd have time to post some of the games. Can't use that excuse for playing the games, though. They started when I was having to take furlough days because the corporation that owns our local company made loads of bad money decisions. Now they've laid off so many people that when something happens, as it has, there is no one left to cover things. Except me.

But I have confirmed that at the Higher levels the London System gets picked apart quickly... Eek! Back to the Reti. I may even trot out a couple of my older favorites. Thing is, I don't like the Spanish or the Italian openings. I've been tinkering with a couple English variations and even considered bringing back the Scotch which I haven't played in years. The thing about the Scotch... e4 players only get to play their opening one out of three times as Black will usually (and I plead guilty) take them down a non e5 response instead of 1...e5.

But I do still have all those books and notes on the Scotch...

[UPDATE] And, being a glutton for punishment, I've entered another Higher event at ICCF and my first CCLA event, a Quarterly Server Series. Wheee...

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