Friday, July 17, 2009

Pithed Off Another One

Pith in the Wind (written by Jeff Woods) didn't like the TFA's "Merchant - Please Don't Post" card (Thanks for the Pithing link, BTW).
The Tennessee Firearms Association produces handy cards to blackmail restauranters.
Uh huh. So what do YOU have against us letting merchants know we value our rights to do business with whom we please?

In the same Pithed off item Woods quotes Nikki Goeser in the BBC video we cited yesterday. It seems that Jonny's Sports Bar - the bar where Ben Goeser needlessly lost his life - has posted signs banning guns. But they are being real quiet about it...
Pith called Jonny's and asked to speak to the owner or manager. The guy who came to the phone confirmed Jonny's has banned guns but wouldn't talk about it. He said other media outlets know Jonny's has banned guns but have agreed not to report this news for reasons that escape Pith.

"We put the signs up," he said, "but I don't want to be quoted at all."
Hey, Linoge, another one for your list... As one commenter observed, "Keep listing places that are banning handguns. The gun nuts need to know where not to spend their money." Another commenter asked on Day Two under this law, "Where is the blood in the streets where is the OUTRAGE?!?!?!?! Where are the Dirty Harrys???"

That's the thing about law abiding folk, which Tennessee handgun Permit Holders are by definition... They are law abiding.

In other BREAKING NEWS - courtesy of Pithed commenters - A MAN CARRIED A HANDGUN INTO MULTIPLE FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE RESTAURANTS! No one was harmed or even alarmed, or so we are told...

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  1. Congratulations on managing to swing a link from the Pithers. Their bigoted rantings and ravings do not really add up to much, so, if nothing else, it is free traffic.


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