Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starting New ICCF Event

I missed out on USA vs. ROW due to a mail problem with AT&T's switchover to using Yahoo webmail (big mistake, guys). I used to use Yahoo Mail but their lack of spam control and outages always made life tough. It bit me here again, but ICCF-US honcho Corky Schakel says he'll make sure to I get a shot at the next one. IM Schakel was instrumental in saving ICCF-US and American Correspondence Chess players from disaster a couple years back.

In addition to starting my first CCLA event, I received notification that a new ICCF Higher Class event is starting. In WS/H/195 I'll face a couple familiar opponents in Walter Baumann of Switzerland and Vaclav Sladek of Canada. In WS/H/171 I gained a point as Black against Baumann's Dunst opening. I'm currently playing Black against Sladek's Trompowsky in WS/H/187.

I've procrastinated sending my opening moves in both eents as I am still debating what I want to play. Decisions!

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