Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Could Get Tased...

...If you are mentally disabled, deaf, and spend an hour in Dollar General's restroom in Mobile, Alabama. Seems Antonio Love - a 37 year old man who has the mental capacity of a 10 year old - had severe tummy trouble and used up his allotted time in the loo. So the store clerks called Mobile's Finest* who proceeded to bust in the door with a tire iron when they received no answer to their knocks and identifying statements.

Of course, being deaf, Love couldn't hear those knocks and statements. The first he knew of anyone wanting in was when the door bashed him on the head leaving "a knot." Love pushed back on the door thinking "the devil was out there trying to get in to get him." While the door was partially open Mobile's Finest took the opportunity to douse Love with pepper spray. Love rushed to the sink and began using water to wash his face and eyes. Seeing their quarry distracted, and observing that an umbrella was in the room, Mobile's Finest then gave Love a Ride on the Lightning courtesy Mr. Taser.

Then they arrested Love for disorderly conduct - after he showed them a card in his wallet explaining his various disabilities, such as not being able to hear them knocking. Fortunately the magistrate is a person of reason and refused to issue a warrant.

Mobile Police spokesman Christopher Levy said he wishes "the confrontation had never occurred." I bet. Love's family is preparing to sue.

*I have nothing against the fine men and women of the Mobile, Alabama Police Department. As a former Alabama Constable in Mobile County I knew quite a few great people that worked in the department. But, c'mon, guys!

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