Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Cop Heard Round The World

What would happen if you or I said these things to another person, or to a police officer? (video here)
"You are supposed to say that right off the goddamn bat," Harless screamed. "I'm so close to caving in your goddamn head."

Harless continued.

"You know what I shoulda done? I'll tell you what I shoulda done: As soon as I felt your gun, I shoulda took two steps back, pulled my Glock 40 and just put 10 bullets in your [expletive] and let you drop," the officer said. "And I wouldn't have lost any sleep. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir," Bartlett said.

"And he [Harless' partner] would have been a nice witness as I executed you because you're stupid," Harless continued.

On the video, Bartlett appeared respectful and calm through the officer's tirade. Police charged Bartlett, 52, with carrying a concealed weapon, alleging that he failed to inform officers of his concealed-weapon status and his gun. The case went to jury trial Nov. 10 in Canton Municipal Court, where Judge Stephen Beldon acquitted Bartlett before his lawyer could put on a defense.

Bartlett tried to tell Harless he had a carry permit but was stopped by Harless. After the video of the incident was distributed via Facebook and Twitter and other social media by Ohioans for Concealed Carry last summer Harless was placed on administrative leave and later on "medical leave."

Let's get to the nitty gritty: Daniel Harless should have been immediately dismissed from any duties related to public safety and/or requiring armed contact with the public. Based on the video, he should have already been charged with assault regarding his statements to Mr. Bartlett. Bartlett was very lucky the video surfaced for without it he would likely have been convicted and in jail.

And it seems this isn't the first time Harless threatened citizens with death... And has faced SIXTEEN internal affairs investigations since 2000.

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