Thursday, December 15, 2011

US Youth Abandoning Obama

So writes @AlanaGoodman at Commentary:
Millennial Poll Should Alarm Obama:

In 2008, voters under the age of 30 helped catapult Obama into the White House. Three years later, Obama’s approval rating is underwater with the demographic, which is becoming increasingly confident he’ll lose reelection.

According to a Harvard University poll out today, Obama’s approval rating with young Americans is at the lowest point of his presidency:

Despite a six percentage-point increase after the midterm elections that was reported in our Spring 2011 polling, President Obama’s job performance rating among young Americans, ages 18 to 29, is at the lowest point since we began polling the Obama administration in the fall of 2009. Currently, 46 percent of young Americans approve of the job the president is doing and 51 percent disapprove.

Also in the poll, Obama's useful idiots in the Occupy Wall Street crowd have even less support. Only 21 percent support OWS while 33 percent oppose it. Fully 46 percent have no opinion.


...Obama’s failure to live up the expectations he set in 2009 has actually caused young people to disengage from politics and activism, according to the poll:

The key findings in our survey suggest that Millennials are prepared to show their frustration not through strong support for the eventual Republican nominee, but rather by punishing President Obama and the Democrats by not engaging, volunteering or voting in the same volume that they did in 2008.

As it should be: If you wish to be ignorant of the truth of political realities, don't vote.

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