Thursday, December 22, 2011

TSA Rape

Amy Alkon:
Why Did I Have To Go To Pravda To Get My Op-Ed About TSA Rape Published?
I don't understand it. I went to countless mainstream news outlets in America and every one of them refused to publish this -- my op-ed on our eroding civil liberties and what we need to do to stand up for them.

Media outlets that refused to publish this piece include the LA Times, The New York Times, Reuters,, The Huffington Post, AOL, The Wall Street Journal,,, and The Washington Post.

Apparently, only the Russian media cares about discussing civil liberties in America. The Russian newspaper Pravda published the piece about an hour after I sent it to them. (My next try was going to be North Korea, but the furor there following Kim Jun Il's death made that seem like kind of a bad idea.)

The entire piece is published here, on Pravda's website.
As they say, read the whole thing.

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