Thursday, December 22, 2011

Et Tu, Blackburn?

From Smitty at TOM:
Et Tu, Blackburn? Early last month I was singing the praises of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who was taking a bold stand against Net Neutrality and FCC over-reach at the Defending the Dream summit.

Via Instapundit, we discover that the legacy media are funding the Stop Online Piracy Act in a big way.

Sigh... One consolation in living in Rep. Jim Cooper's (D-TN) district was that a responsible Congress Critter was one district over. C'mon, Marsha!

I thought that Rep. Blackburn sounded quite educated on the technical aspects of Net Neutrality. Maybe she can enlighten us on how the First Amendment is less important than media profits. I don’t see where her fellow Defending the Dream summit panelist Seton Motley has commented on SOPA.

Also on that list is our Sen. Bob Corker. What is it with Tennessee Republicans? Stop SOPA!

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