Friday, January 23, 2009

Study Links Taser Use to Jump of In-Custody Deaths

Researchers at the University of California - San Fransisco think that Taser use is contributing to the rise in deaths of persons in the custody of police.
"In our opinion, there is a potential lethal risk with Tasers," said Zian Tseng, MD, a UCSF researcher. Cardiologists Byron Lee and Zian Tseng studied data provided by law enforcement agencies from 50 cities, and found the number of in-custody deaths went up six-fold in the first year a department started using Tasers. Lee and Tseng believe officers may be aiming too close to the heart.
The study can be read here.
"The Taser shoots pulses several times per second. Those pulses can actually overtake the heart and cause a heart rate that's 250 to 300 beats per minutes," said Tseng.
Yeah, especially if the subject is tasered twenty three times...

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