Thursday, January 8, 2009

You Could Get Tased!

If you arm yourself with a box cutter, chase and catch a woman and pull her down by her hair, and then "squared up" to fight with the nice officers who tell you to get off that woman...
You Could Get Tasered!

If you "strike" two vehicles with your own, drive in a reckless manner (while leaving the scene of two accidents, no less), refuse to stop for the nice officers that observe you doing this, have POT (MJ, WEED, etc...) in the car with you and fight the nice officers after you force them to pull you out of the car...
You Could Get Tasered! Oh, yeah... If you continue to resist the nice officers you could have a trusty K9 police dog try to rip your arm off. And if Fido doesn't convince you to cooperate, expect the application of Pepper Spray.
Pawlowski was pulled from the vehicle by officers and continued to struggle despite officers repeatedly asking for his cooperation, Vanek said.A Taser was then used, he said. A K-9 unit arrived. Officers told the man that he would be bitten if he did not cooperate. He didn’t cooperate, so the K-9 bit Pawlowski’s right arm in an attempt to gain compliance.
However, due to Pawlowski’s heavy coat, police said, the K-9’s efforts appeared to have no influence.After a lengthy struggle, police said, Pawlowski was handcuffed. After refusing to get in the police cruiser willingly, police said, Pawlowski was sprayed with pepper spray and pushed in.
I'm wondering when the application of batons and a wood shower might be warranted. In my day Mr. Pawlowski would have become intimately acquainted with Mr. 4-D cell MagLite. I'm just sayin'...

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